Stefania Rossetti | About
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Stefania Rossetti is an italian choreographer, performer and dance researcher. Her work and research focuses on improvisation in traditional and contemporary performance.
 After completing her Triennal at M.A.S. Dance, Music and Drama Academy in Milano, she performed with numerous theatre directors and choreographers, such as Laura Balis, Paola Lattanzi, Roberto Castello, Abbondanza-Bertoni, Emilio Calcagno, T.P.O Company, Dario Moretti, N+N Corsino, Misook Seo, Johanna Levy, Laureline Collavizza. In 2014 she was awarded the national diploma for teaching contemporary dance from the National Centre of Dance, Paris.

In 2016, she gave her first conference for CESMAG University and International Festival Corpo Carnaval , in the same year she lectured at La Maison de L’Homme in Paris.

In 2017 she achieved in only seven months during her ethnographic research a bachelor in Anthropology and Ethnology at the University of Strasbourg.
 She run educational projects in universities, theatres and national choreographic centres internationally.

Stefania collaborates regularly with composers, filmmakers, and visual artists.

2018 Photography Award: Kind of Love Shape, International Context Satura, Genoa

Collaborations with:

Nicolas Becker, Vincent Moon, Ivan Sagita, Zarina Muhammad, Andres Davila, Ali Lham, Julien Lesle, Julien Colardelle, Fredy Vallejos, Julio Eraso, Noor Ibrahim.
Publication 2017: Article, Madame Danza, In Viaggio con la Danza, Lia Courrier.
Publication 2018: Essay, Les danseurs Médiums des Pawang, Journal International Performing Arts.
Publication 2018: Voci Versate Ianst Poems, Editor Pagine, Rome.