Stefania Rossetti | Dans les yeux des autres, Antigone
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About This Project

Sensitive on the threshold of adolescence, pivotal period in the construction of a person, and echoing with his artistic proposals developed for the very early childhood, Laurent Dupont continues his work of clearing, initiated with the show En Corps (E) crits , to offer a musical and dance creation for teenagers and pre-teens.

This composition, involving dance, visual arts and music, is inspired by the unassuming figure of Antigone, and is guided by the values ​​of universal reach of this teenager in struggle with the traditions, all referring, as pretexts, to the writings of Henry Bauchau, “Antigone” or Sorj Chalandon, “The Fourth Wall”.

Artistic team Direction: Laurent Dupont

Conception: Laurent Dupont and Joey Kohnke

Dramaturgy and texts: Joey Kohnke

Musical and instrumental creation: Jean-Luc Priano

Choreography: Stefania Rossetti

Light Creation: Bernard Beau

Costumes: Alla Gryschenko

With: Céline Caussimon, Jean-Luc Priano and Stefania Rossetti

Artistic collaborations: Vladimir Kara, Yves Fauchon and François-Xavier Guérin