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Video Work
About This Project

Direction, dop, editing, text : Bobbystone
Dance : Stefania Rossetti
Model : Andres Davila
Make-up : Noelle Lecuyer

“HOKUM SIGHT – 22 films on 22 mysteries of Tarot De Marseille.
Hokum Sight uses the Tarot of Marseille as a small daily exorcism, where the ritual incites the demons to better pixelate them.
The little Hokum Sight movies are like little explosive answers to naive questions. Between spontaneity and the urgency of realization, the project retranscribes the images of unconsciousness, using different narrative techniques such as found footage, collages, animation, performances, or the filmed newspaper.
For those who study it, the Tarot de Marseille is a bottomless mirror.
In the game edited by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Phillippe Camoin, we are no longer in a reading of the future or the answers are expected as a divination but in a psychological ‘state of affairs’ that will give keys and solutions to such given problems.
The set of cards of the Tarot is an initiatory tale with heroes, trials, enemies, advisers, chess, awareness, strategies, key choices, expectations, reflections, surprises, love healings, toxic attacks, self-completions, reunions, losses, courage in acts, inspirations, explosive revelations, projects waiting, unexpected journeys, withdrawal, victories …
By drawing a card, you never know if you’re going to have a caress or an electric shock.
A demon that comes before us is not necessarily bad.
In shamanic rituals, they help expel anxieties and blockages.
The project takes place in several stages.
The insider draws a card.
We listen to what the map has to say.
The demon is released.
We pixelate it.
The Hokum Sight project tries to transcribe the emotions that overwhelm the initiate with the reversal of a card.
It is these stupid, naive and uncontrolled visions that make it possible to show the uninitiated the visual strength of the Tarot de Marseille.