Stefania Rossetti | CORPUS XV
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About This Project


    Souffle Collectif and Collettivo Unico:
    During this first edition, we supported ten international artists who presented their creations on 22, 23 and 24 October 2015.
    The day of 24 October was dedicated to meeting and exchanging free and open-ended round tables and masterclasses led by invited artists, researchers in human rights, art, literature and art pedagogues.

    Vladimir Rodriguez, Cortocinesis, Colombie

    Said Gharbi, Les BGM, Bélgique

    Gyula Cserepes, Hongrie

    Nikola Krizkova, Chantier aux images, France

    Caroline Grosjean, Pièces détachées, France

    Nicoletta Cabassi, Italie

    Pietro Pireddu, Mktub Noir, Italie

    Sibille Planques, Les Nébuleuses, France

    Mélisa Noel, Soon, France

    Mamhoud Rabiey, Egypte