Stefania Rossetti | Scarcagnizzu
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About This Project

In the dialect of the Salentino region, indicates a particular movement of the wind that blows onto the ground to create small vortices that carry leaves, heart and dust with them. But it also signifies the positive pressure that causes doors to slam shut in houses, producing a loud and unespected noise. The land with the ruthless past preserves millenary memories and passes down its costoms and its secrets in ancient movements, instincts and languages. Languages that narrate, languages that curse, languages that hide and confuse.

Residence to Biennale College Dance of  Venise 2013

Co-production: Roberto Cimetta Foundation

Sound conception: Andres Davila

Acknowledgements Virgilio Sieni, Ali Lham, Valeria Castellaneta, Collettivo Unico.