Stefania Rossetti | Quantic Dream
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About This Project

In the hidden map of sound or chronology of words,
an essence communicates the message of crying as nourishment …
Observing the limits of the intellect and the body, both of which are skilled in performing sacrifices and miracles, crying is a necessary condition, abandoning the repeated impulses of horses, learning to decipher the messages of one’s own hand, when moved in a time-quantum space.
Quantic Dream combines transmissions of ancient traditions, letting the images that follow one another grow. In this place where the lightness of the feathers manifests itself, an ancient song in Pali language, like rain, lets the wise ethnographic weapons slip into the fragment of a Mythology ….

Composition/ Sounds: Nicolas Becker

Film: Vincent Moon

With: Stefania Rossetti and Luiza C.

Voice Recordings: Thero, Sadi Oortmood, Ianst.