Stefania Rossetti | Virtual Bloom
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Virtual Bloom

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About Love and the Inexplicable

Panji, a Prince, Candra Kirana a Princess. We are on the island of Java. The island of tales, wizards, the island of volcanoes and oceans. The Tale tells the story of love between two deities that at the behest of a God Creator and Destroyer, burned and reincarnated in two living beings endowed with extra-sensory powers. The artistic representations of Prince Panji and Princess Candra Kirana portraits the two sovereigns transposed into humble clothes. The characters carry the symbols of humility and inner power. The main themes are Love, War and Magic, and ultimately the union between Microcosm and Macrocosm. The relationship between the Visible and the Invisible, between Man and Mythology. The project Virtual Bloom aims to be an artistic conjunction that unites values of the classical European and Asian traditions with the symbolism of the Panji cycles. The performing space is rectangular, almost as if to represents the pillars of a cultural meeting amongst the four elements of nature.